Zynnia Jezek – 9 Year Old Speaker Gets Standing Ovation!!!

Watch 9 year old superstar Zynnia Jezek as she addresses an audience of over 100 people at the Super Women’s JV & Marketing Summit hosted by The Wealth Building Annex at the exclusive Centre Club in Tampa Florida. This is the first time Zynnia has ever spoken to an audience and she received a standing ovation!

Some Comments from the event:

WOW! young lady is amazing presenter. Great video.

Wow! Great work Zynnia! You’re a very special person! Keep it up! Keep inspiring!

Yes she is… and so versatile. She can do it all, and usually DOES. Taking action is what I have taught her, and I am so proud she is a living example of doing just that. “Do or do not, there is no try” ~Yoda.

Zynnia – YOU ROCK! Can’t wait to see your next speaking event!!!!!!  When I was nine, I was lucky to even be thinking about business and lecturing, much less doing it.  She is quite good at making presentations, confident in front of all those people. Most kids are shy about speaking in front of crowds. Your mother must be very proud.

Yes…. She is wonderful in many ways and a constant inspiration to so many. Have an awesome day!

Well done Zynnia!!! Can’t be beaten. You are great

Zynnia for President!

YOU FREAKIN’ ROCK! You were great!

Zynnia, an amazing presentation.  Looking forward to your next speaking engagement. Glad I was blessed to be there for your first one!

Zynnia, I am so proud of you. You are the coolest little sister that any brother could ever have. Like Joseph says, YOU FREAKIN’ ROCK! You were great!

Like mother, like daughter! What an amazing young talent and rising star. We are all so proud of you. Keep shining your light on the world!

Amazing job Zyn! I wish I could have seen it in person. Keep up the great work and you will make a difference :0) Phillip Black



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