Wrap Up of Underground 8

The seminar is closing but the spark has been created. From some of my notes, I wanted to share some of what I learned at Underground, I learned how to create apps, the importance of gamifying, different ways to incorporate social media into your blog and that you need email addresses and not fans, so your LIST is most important.

I learned that you never sell affiliates on the benefits but on the strength of the product itself. To make sure your give feedback to others and that it is so important to do research, especially on your competitors. Always to think about “what would google say”. Never to  listen to the small voice in your head that says “I cannot do it” because you can. You can never solve a “why to” problem with a “how to” solution.

I  learned that everything connects to SEO and how you name things for search engine optimization. A good lesson to stay on focus is to write down what you are doing every 15 minutes and you will see where you waste the most time. A team is always important, so build a superstar team. And finally, if you spend all of your time doing what everyone else is, you will never learn or create anything new.

Seeing all of my friends who were asking me about my newest adventures, I feel inspired to make more videos and blog posts. I realize that these kinds of events are like school for me and I really want to attend more events and I want to give back, so I am looking for a superstar team to help me reach even more children like me.

I got to see, listen to, learn from and meet some awesome people like Brendon BurchardMike FilsaimeRobert HirschMatt GallantShelby LarsonEwa WysockaChad MuretaDustin MaherNoah KaganGlen & Natalie LedwellBrian Horn, Noah St. JohnAJ Roberts, Greg Jerum and so many others.

I have to take this moment to share that the pictures you see are taken with my tablet. Zanna and my mom were not at this event, so no one was there to remind me to take pictures or to take them. Zanna rarely gets the credit, but she is the one behind everything I do. She records everything and is so awesome with the camera and the video. She and my mom really are the support team behind Zynnia TV and being at this event without them (and without the usual awesome pictures I can post and share) I really realize even more how important and special they are. THANK YOU ZANNA AND THANK YOU MAMA!

Thank goodness Joe got this nice picture of us.



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