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Jairek Robbins

In this video, Zynnia Jezek interviews Jairek Robbins. As a coach Jairek works one-on-one with people from all walks of life ranging from Entrepreneurs, Business owners, agents in life insurance and Real estate, as well as students. You can learn more about Jairek at

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Gary King

Zynnia interviews Truth, Honesty & Character expert, Gary King about his new project called The HAPPINESS FORMULA.

Topher Morrison

Zynnia interviews Topher Morrison after his event which she attended in August 2010.

Wesley Goo

Zynnia interviews Wesley Goo at a recent event in Los Angeles.

Mike Solis

In this video Zynnia interviews Mike Solis and he shares information about his site Think, Feel, Act Now!

Joshua Wenner

Another interview from Zynnia, this time with Peak Performance Strategist for Tony Robbins, Joshua Wenner. To learn more about Joshua you can connect with him on facebook at: or by phone direct at (310) 662.1231

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Elliot Kay

Also known as “The Coach With The Hat”. Listen to him explain how he got the name…

To learn more about Elliot, go to:

Dr. Topher Morrison

Learn more about Dr. Topher Morrison and his programs at

Zynnia Gets Interviewed

Zynnia Jezek is at it again, only this time SHE is the one being interviewed by her sister Zanna Jezek. Listen to this 9 year old speak about why she likes internet and video marketing. Listen to her as she shares her take on being a child at Speakers events including Gary Vaynerchuk, Topher Morrison, Gary King and Tony Robbins! She also talks about giving back and paying it forward by doing it her own special way – by making videos, as she did for The Sentient Temple (which you can learn about at She discusses attending The Wealth Building Annex, and how she is making friends and mentors that help her to learn and grow. Finally she wraps it up with telling parents why they should consider taking their children to events!

Frank McKinney

Learn more about Mr. Frank McKinney at his website:

Learn more about the Caring House Project Foundation at:


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