A Few of My Favorite Things

So a lot of people ask me what I do when I am not doing the internet marketing, video and crowdfunding stuff. I’m lucky that my mom and my sister are my best friends and that they like the same kind of stuff that I like.

At home I love to read, watch old movies from the 50’s and 60’s, sew, knit, listen to music and play my cello. I am writing a book now and also learning more about editing images and graphics. Zanna does so much of my powerpoints and website stuff and I want to learn more so I can do it myself. She cooks too, the best food anyone has every tasted and I love when she tries new dishes. My family has to have a cookbook from every country and culture and we like to eat foods from around the world. Trying new things is very cool.  You can see some of the things Zanna has cooked here.

When we go out I like to go to places that are out of the way and hidden from the mainstream. We travel a lot and when we do, we take the back roads and my mom stops where ever we think looks cool, fun and interesting. We learn so much when doing this and we meet some really interesting people. It’s almost like geography and history in one. We’re not afraid to go to different kinds of places and when we do, there is always a pleasant surprise waiting to be uncovered. Our unscheduled “let’s just drive” adventures are always the best. My mom says we must drive over 25,000 miles a year. (I think it’s more). Because of my moms work with experts, sometimes we get invited to their guesthouse to stay while my mom works with them. We see so many places this way.  I love that my mom is an adventurer and that we can just pick up and go in a moment’s notice and that she’s taught me to do that. It is because of this that we can have the adventures that we have.

When we go to shows like the theater, symphonies or concerts I learn so much too. My mom said we were going to see Shakespeare’s ‘Taming of the Shrew’. Zanna was excited, but I didn’t know what it was so my mom ordered me a book that I read in one day. Finally I understand Shakespeare and who he is. The same thing happened when we went to see ‘The Grapes of Wrath’. Zanna plays guitar and violin and because of that my mom got us tickets to see 2CELLOS. Oh my gosh, that changed my life! I told my mom I wanted to play something too and within a couple of week Charles (what I named my beautiful instrument) and I met. Hearing their music and connecting with them on Twitter has inspired me to write a children’s book that I am working on now. It also is making me learn about people like Mozart, Bach, Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Paganini and others.

I am grateful that I have parents who support my interests and bring these things into my life. The coolest thing is that my sister is my bestest friend because we like so much of the same stuff. Another thing I am super grateful for is that they totally supports my interests and hobbies. My mom does this for my sister Zanna and my brother Zachary too. She always has, and that is cool.

So those are a few of my favorite things, but my family is my favorite thing of all.


Lots of pictures are on my moms facebook… you can see them!



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