I Am Campaigning Again

This time to get my grandpa here… Go to my page at IndieGoGo and see what’s up…




I Love My Grandpa!

My grandpa loved the scarf I knitted for him. I love him so much!

Freedom, Passion, Purpose Interview

I am excited to be on the receiving side on an interview. Dmitry is my new friend that I met at Yanik Silver’s Underground 8 Online Marketing Seminar. He was one of the other young entrepreneurs who was there.

Here is the interview:

YouTube Preview Image

Dmitry is Inspiring and Educating Youth to create lives of Freedom, Passion, and Purpose through Entrepreneurship. Learn more about him at his website.

Thanks Dmitry, it was so cool to meet you and I hope we create something together to help youth everywhere! 🙂

ZynniaTV Opens A New Store

I have an announcement! I have opened my new online store! I have T-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs, and more! Stop by my NEW STORE to get your ZynniaTV swag! I have both my musical, reggae and Princess of YouTube products available. And remember, all proceeds from all products allow me to make more videos & music for you!


Zynnia Sings Empress Love By New Kingston

This is an on location music video to the New Kingston song called EMPRESS LOVE. Video marketing is fun, but I am really liking this music stuff! I went to see New Kingston on tour with Collie Buddz… I had such amazing fun that I have been inspired ever since. 😀

So here is a shout out to my new friends Courtney, Tahir, Stephen & Courtney Sr…. this song is for you.

YouTube Preview Image

You can learn about New Kingston music at: http://www.NewKingstonMusic.com

Zynnia Goes To See Ziggy Marley

This is some footage from last night when my mom took me to see Ziggy Marley. It was a great show. He is amazing!

YouTube Preview Image

Searching for Zynnia… The Princess of YouTube

This is very cool. Now you can follow me on google too!

Dear Diary, First Official Episode

Zynnia Gives A S/O to Collie Buddz, New Kingston, Blacka Di Danca, Los Rakas & DJ PeeWee

This is the first “official” episode in my diary series. I went to see Collie Buddz on tour two nights in a row and had such amazing fun, I just had to share. I also wanted to make this video to shout out to my new friends… Collie, Blacka, PeeWee, Tahir, Stephen, Courtney Jr, Courtney Sr, Raka Dun, Raka Rico and the nice t-shirt guys and security to got Collie to take a picture with us.

YouTube Preview Image

You can learn about my new friends and their music and dancing at their individual sites:

Zynnia Diary: Gardening, Collie Buddz, Cleara, Ice Cream & Smiles

This is my first green screen video in 5 months!  It is the pilot episode for my diary series.  I shout out my friend DOC, whose faceboook post made me want to pull out the green screen again. I show you some of my garden and how to make yummy raw/vegan raw ice cream. And I share some fun from when I went to see Collie Buddz on tour two nights in a row! I had such amazing fun, I just had to share.

You can learn about their music and dancing at their individual sites:

Zynnia and Peak Performance Strategist Joshua Wenner

Another interview from Zynnia, this time with Peak Performance Strategist for Tony Robbins, Joshua Wenner.

YouTube Preview Image

To learn more about Joshua you can connect with him on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/joshua.wenner or by phone direct at (310) 662.1231

Zynnia Interviews Jairek Robbins

In this video, Zynnia Jezek interviews Jairek Robbins. As a coach Jairek works one-on-one with people from all walks of life ranging from Entrepreneurs, Business owners, agents in life insurance and Real estate, as well as students.

YouTube Preview Image

You can learn more about Jairek athttp://www.JairekRobbins.com

My Own Song! The Princess of You Tube

This custom song was written for ME and it was recorded by Jared Sell. How cool is that?  😉

You can listen to more of Jared’s music at http://www.myspace.com/jaredsell or Contact: [email protected]

Have a beautiful day!

Zynnia’s Assistant Shares A Facebook Message

Watch and listen to my cool assistant!

Zynnia & Social Media Goodness

Zynnia explains why YouTube is her social media platform of choice.

Zynnia Interviews Gary King

Zynnia interviews Truth, Honesty & Character expert, Gary King about his new project called The HAPPINESS FORMULA.

Learn more about the Happiness Formula at: http://www.thehappinessformula.tv/

Zynnia Interviews Topher Morrison

Zynnia interviews Topher Morrison after his event which she attended in August 2010.

Learn more about Topher Morrsion at: http://www.TopherMorrison.com

Zynnia Interviews Wesley Goo

Zynnia interviews Wesley Goo at a recent event in Los Angeles.

Learn more about Wesley Goo at: http://www.WesleyGoo.com

Zynnia Interviews Mike Solis of Think Feel Act Now

In this video Zynnia interviews Mike Solis and he shares information about his site Think, Feel, Act Now!

Zynnia Jezek Introduction

Watch this introduction video to learn about Zynnia Jezek, a 10 year old little girl making a big difference in the world!

Zynnia Shares If You Were My Bunny

Zynnia talks about the book If You Were My Bunny is still one of her favorites to this day…

The sweet, soothing sounds of a mother’s words come through loud and clear in this small book. A mother rabbit tells her little ones that she could pick them out from all the other babies, and she sings a bunny version of “Hush, Little Baby,” with lines like “if that carrot top should wilt, / Mama’s going to bring you a clover quilt.” Then a bear, a cat, a duck, a dog, and finally a human mother tell their children how much they love them. McMullan’s clever use of familiar songs (“Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Rock-a-bye Baby,” among others) adds to the charm of this child pleaser. So do McPhail’s pictures, which, though occasionally stiffly executed, are full of tenderness and love. A cuddlesome bedtime choice.

Zynnia Shares Her Gratitude

9 year old Zynnia Jezek shows an outpouring of love and gratitude for her mom and the little notes that mom leaves her just because…

Consciously utilizing The Power Of Gratitude is an extremely important aspect of attracting to yourself the Abundance and Happiness that you desire and deserve in your life.

Zynnia Shares Her Mandalas

9 year old Zynnia shares some of the mandalas she has created and inspires you to do the same…

Zynnia Shares Her Magazine

Zynnia shares a magazine she created, she’s already completed volume 2 and now is working on volume 3!

Zynnia Loves The Yes Movie!

Zynnia Jezek gives a shout out to her friend, Founder of The Young Entrepreneurs Society, Louis Lautman.

Learn more about Louis Lautman, The Yes Movie and The Young Entrepreneurs Society at: http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?af=992662

Zynnia’s Shout Out to Louis Lautman – YES!

Zynnia Jezek gives a shout out to her friend, Founder of The Young Entrepreneurs Society, Louis Lautman.

Learn more about The Yes Movie and The Young Entrepreneurs Society at: http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?af=992662

Zynnia Shares A Message of Truth

Zynnia just loves Gary King’s message of Truth and she knows that Honesty Rocks!

Learn more about Gary at: http://www.RealWinnersNeverCheat.com

Zynnia Jezek – 9 Year Old Speaker Gets Standing Ovation!!!

Watch 9 year old superstar Zynnia Jezek as she addresses an audience of over 100 people at the Super Women’s JV & Marketing Summit hosted by The Wealth Building Annex at the exclusive Centre Club in Tampa Florida. This is the first time Zynnia has ever spoken to an audience and she received a standing ovation!

Some Comments from the event:

WOW! young lady is amazing presenter. Great video.

Wow! Great work Zynnia! You’re a very special person! Keep it up! Keep inspiring!

Yes she is… and so versatile. She can do it all, and usually DOES. Taking action is what I have taught her, and I am so proud she is a living example of doing just that. “Do or do not, there is no try” ~Yoda.

Zynnia – YOU ROCK! Can’t wait to see your next speaking event!!!!!!  When I was nine, I was lucky to even be thinking about business and lecturing, much less doing it.  She is quite good at making presentations, confident in front of all those people. Most kids are shy about speaking in front of crowds. Your mother must be very proud.

Yes…. She is wonderful in many ways and a constant inspiration to so many. Have an awesome day!

Well done Zynnia!!! Can’t be beaten. You are great

Zynnia for President!

YOU FREAKIN’ ROCK! You were great!

Zynnia, an amazing presentation.  Looking forward to your next speaking engagement. Glad I was blessed to be there for your first one!

Zynnia, I am so proud of you. You are the coolest little sister that any brother could ever have. Like Joseph says, YOU FREAKIN’ ROCK! You were great!

Like mother, like daughter! What an amazing young talent and rising star. We are all so proud of you. Keep shining your light on the world!

Amazing job Zyn! I wish I could have seen it in person. Keep up the great work and you will make a difference :0) Phillip Black

Zynnia Interviews The Coach With The Hat

Zynnia Jezek interviews her new friend Elliot Kay, also known as “The Coach With The Hat”. Listen to him explain how he got the name…

To learn more about Elliot, go to: http://www.TheCoachWithTheHat.com

Mother’s Day with the Royal Lipizzan Stallions

Zanna & Zynnia take their mother to see the Herrmann’s Royal Lipizzan Stallions for Mother’s day!

Founded in the 16th century for the exclusive use of the Hapsburg Royal family of Austria, the Royal Lipizzans are unquestionably the rarest, most aristocratic breed of horses in the world. The pride of the Hapsburg Empire, the Lipizzan breed was first established by Archduke Charles at Lipizza (now part of Yugoslavia).

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Fun With The Family: Fashion

Just having some fashionable fun with the family…

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