Happy Birthday Chris Krimitsos

Zynnia’s Thank You to Chris

Zynnia records a special message to her friend Chris at TWBA.

Zynnia’s Intro for Phillip Black at The Annex

Phillip is an entrepreneur, speaker, and business strategist who specializes in Social Media, Business Networking, and Guerrilla Style Marketing.

Through good old fashion networking and the use of modern technology, Phillip inspires and teaches business owners and professionals how to build profitable relationships and attract people that are interested in what they have to offer! This is a rare opportunity to see Phillip Black and learn the very tools and strategies he personally uses to build his following encompassing Facebook, Social Media, SEO, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, and Article Marketing.

Zynnia Announces An Annex Event

Only 12 times per year, the most committed, the most willing, the most focused, the most serious and the most daring come together to mastermind and network, to brainstorm and meet – and to be mentored by Leaders and Experts who have accomplished amazing things. February brings us Jeanine Warhurst Blake who will share with us her family’s story of how PODS was created and how within 9 years was sold off for a record $430 million dollars!!!($430 million in 9 years??)


If you would like to be part of the Annex Mastermind as well as our amazing Keynote presentation then register (5:30pm-9pm) athttp://thewealthbuildingannex.com/

Zynnia on Gary Vaynerchuk and CRUSH IT!

Listen to Zynnia Jezek this morning as she speaks about her experience with Gary and her thoughts on his book Crush It.

Zynnia on Gary Vaynerchuk at The Wealth Building Annex

Listen to Zynnia Jezek as she zips into The Wealth Building Annex and speaks about Dan Stojadinovic and Gary Vaynerchuk talk about his book Crush It and building brand equity. Special Thanks to Chris Krimitsos!

Zynnia on The Wealth Building Annex

Zynnia Jezek is excited to be a part of The Wealth Building Annex and she just loves Internet Marketing.

Learn more about The Wealth Building Annex

Thank You For The Birthday Party

Zynnia thanks Chris Krimitsos for a lovely birthday party!

It’s Chris Krimitsos’ Birthday!

OMG!!! The day has come to attend the Big Fat Greek Birthday Party for our friend who’s turning 7? No… 9? No…. 11? No… I know – it’s 13 – or is that 31??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 😉
See You all at the party!