Zynnia at Tedx

How cool is this? On Monday night, our local Tedx was having a talk on crowd sourcing and I went with my family. Some people began sharing their stories and we watched a couple of videos. My mom raised her hand and we went up and shared my story of how I started my campaign and raised the money to get to Awesomeness Fest in 4 days! I shared some of what I learned there and the awesome people I connected with. The people liked my story, but what they liked even more was when I told them that a little girl with big ideas just keeps on going! I shared a little on how we are building a platform for other children to launch their awesome ideas and plans too and the people got very excited. My mom connected with a man who was the Director of a large group in our state who serves over 4,000 youth every year! He wanted us to contact him and wants to get some of his amazing kids into our program. My partner helping me develop this is on the other side of the world, but we are working together to build something totally new and cool and awesome and amazing.  Make sure to sign up here (to the right, see it with the cool surfboard AND you get an awesome gift too!) so you keep getting updates because I am planning on rocking this world and I want you to be a part of it too! Have a awesome day!