Zynnia Shares Her Elevator Pitch

Zynnia Says “Train With Kytka”

Heads Up on The Super Bloggers of Tampa Bay

Zynnia leaks out the news of a secret meeting between Kytka Hilmar-Jezek and Joe Malinowski about the meeting they had about the possible formation of a new product that they will co-release in the summer!

Learn more about Joe Malinowski at: http://www.businessnetworkinglife.com

Zynnia Shouts Out Phillip Black’s Monster Mixer

If you missed out in 2009, then see what the excitement is all about… “The Best Networking Event I’ve Been To In Years!”, “It’s Fun, Relaxed Atmosphere, With Serious Business Opportunities”, “By far the best networking event in town!”

Zynnia attends Phillip Black’s Monster Mixer Event

Zynnia explains networking and introduces Phillip Black’s Monster Mixer event. She loved the Center Club and the fact that she was allowed to network with all of the grown-ups!