Back in the Studio: Shake Portraits

I have two favorite photographers. One is all the way in Hawaii and she is my favorite event photographer. Her name is Moriah Diamond from and she took all of the amazing pictures at Awesomeness Fest. The other one is in Tampa Florida, and his name is Simon Shakespeare at Shake  In this post I want to tell you about Simon.

First of all, he is English, so I love his accent and the way he calls me, my sister and my mom “my little sausage”. He always has a smile on his face and he is so funny. He tells me all kinds of silly things to make me smile, but I smile the most because I can see his heart shining through. You can tell that he is really happy and a big kid, from the inside out. He really loves what he does and that is why he is so good at it. He does a lot of cool stuff with autistic children, children with cancer, abused women, and soldiers, but shhhh, that part is a secret and aside from his regular contribution to the world which is awesome.

He reminds of the coolness that Elvis has, and you all know how much I love Elvis! For Simon, it’s easy being totally awesome and being like an angel on earth, but not really wanting anyone to know you have angel wings. That is what makes him extra special. It is not something he does, it is something he is. And that is the part of him that is Elvis. The part that loves people so much that it is just… awesome.

As my “official Zynnia photographer”, he is really the man who gave me the opportunity to do everything I have done on the internet, especially with my crowd sourcing campaign that I built with my sister and my mom to go to Awesomeness Fest in Maui. His awesome pictures of me and my family were the ones we used to make the amazing video that got me featured on IndieGoGo and that got us all to Hawaii. He takes the coolest pictures of families, but he does all kinds of pictures. Did you know that he took my brother Zack’s pictures for his portfolio? And he is the best wedding photographer in the whole USA! (He even won Wedding Photographer of the Year!)

Simon is a dad too, so he understands kids really well and he just knows how to talk to people to make them feel really good, from the inside out. He helps people to shine because when he is with you, he is really with you (not just pretending to be and then thinking about other things like a lot of grown ups do, and we kids can see that!). My mom says he is one of the most authentic and loving people she knows. And this is funny because Zanna hates to have her picture taken, but she secretly wants to steal him away and take him to the Awesomeness Fest 2012 with us as out “personal photographer” so that she can put down the camera and enjoy the event. She said she’d love having her picture taken all day if it was Simon taking the pictures. So now I have a new goal on my list. To have a really great launch with my awesome product so that I can hire Simon to come with us next time!

But the reason I started to write this today was to tell you that yesterday I had another photo shoot with Simon. I can’t show you any of the pictures yet that he took because that takes a little while, but I wanted to tell you that knowing what he does, they will be awesome! And because everyone loved the Awesomeness Fest campaign show, I now have a lot more photos to make a lot more cool videos, and it’s all because of Simon.  And when he was telling me that I am going to be a famous CEO one day very soon and that he was my biggest fan, I smiled my biggest smile when he said that I can surprise him with a Cadillac (see – he even thinks just like Elvis!)  Check out his website and his work and if you are in the Tampa Bay area, make sure to book some time with Simon and tell him his biggest fan Zynnia sent you! 🙂

In My Studio

What a day! We shot over 200 video clips today for a product I will be launching in the spring. I can’t say much about it now, but I have a lot of responsibility being the CEO and Founder. After the video shoot, my mom and my sister edited some of the video down to get the best parts out. We worked really hard and that was just practice because this coming weekend we get some awesome new professional video and recording equipment, and I get to go back in and do this all over again! Lucky for me, I love doing video!

I’m always so happy when I am in the studio. It is always fun and we record some funny moments. The pictures above in the little collage my sister made show some of the clips, a sneak peek!