Awesomeness Fest Interview with Vishen Lakhiani with Mindvalley

Hi Everyone, here is another Awesomeness Fest interview I did with Vishen Lakhiani with Mindvalley. Vishen is the founder of Mindvalley and also the creator and founder of Awesomeness Fest! Vishen spoke at Awesomeness Fest and he was really nice. At the super hero costume party Vishen went as super man and I was super girl. It just goes to show that great minds think alike:) I interviewed Vishen at the luau on the last day of Awesomeness Fest, so here is the video, Enjoy! 😀

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To learn more about Vishen check out, and  and let him know that I am the perfect candidate to be the youngest blogger on his awesome team!




Awesomeness Fest Interview With Greg Jacobs

Hello Everyone, Today I wanted to share another interview I did at Awesomeness Fest with the very cool and fun Greg Jacobs. On one of the days at Awesomeness Fest Greg took my family and I out to lunch and we got to really talk and hang out. After lunch I asked if I could interview him. I really enjoyed interviewing Greg because he is really nice and lots of fun to talk to. He is a grown up, but so playful and like a child, I really like him. You can watch the video below to see the interview I did with Greg and be sure to share your feedback and comments. Enjoy!

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to learn more about Greg, he has some discourses at his site – visit Thank you for watching! 😀

Interview with Jeff at Awesomeness Fest

Hello Everyone, Today I thought I would stop by and share with you another Awesomeness Fest interview. During one of the breaks at Awesomeness Fest I did an interview with Jeff from Royster Productions who was one of the camera operators who was hired to film the event. Here is the interview video I did with Jeff. Enjoy!

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to learn more about about Jeff and Royster Productions please visit Thank you for watching 🙂

Awesome Interview With Mitch Sanders With Hostzilla

Hi Everyone, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting the past couple days. I thought that since it was getting cold I would post another interview to warm everyone up! Here is another interview I did at Awesomeness Fest with Mitch Sanders with HostZilla. On the last day at Awesomeness Fest I got to spend some time with Mitch and we Talked and ate some yummy malasadas together in the lobby of the Grand Wailea. I really enjoyed spending time with Mitch! He is a great guy. I hope you enjoy the interview!

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Be sure to check out to learn more about Mitch. Thank you! 😀

Ukulele Lesson At Awesomenessness Fest

At Awesomeness Fest I met a really great guy named Neil Warren. Neil played his ukulele on most of the breaks at Awesomeness Fest and I know his music made everyone really happy:) During one of the breaks Neil gave me a
quick ukulele lesson and I liked it so much that I bought my very own ukulele. I’m still learning but I can already play a couple of chords and songs. I just wanted to say thank you to Neil for playing such nice music at Awesomeness Fest and for inspiring me to get a ukulele of my own! Here is a video of Neil giving me the ukulele lesson at Awesomeness Fest. I hope you LIKE it and leave me your comments!

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And if you want to learn more about Neil, then check out his website at Hawaii Moves. Thanks for watching:)

Interviewing Brian Scrone from Board Meetings

Here is a quick interview I did at Awesomeness Fest with Brian Scrone of Board Meetings. The day after Awesomeness Fest Brian and his partner Jim took out the Awesomeness Fest attendies and they spent the day teaching us all how to surf! It was my first time surfing and lots of other peoples too, but by the end of the day we were all surfing like pros! I thought that was really nice that they took us all out surfing! 🙂 It was lots of fun because when we first got into the water we were all kind of wobbly and we fell too, but Brian, Jim and their helpers were right there to guide us, show us all of the tricks and even hold our hand if we needed it. Once we got the hang of it, we were all doing awesome and everyone stood up! (I know it is because we had such awesome teachers). It was so much fun and an adventure I will never forget. Sorry about the wind – this was before I had my new awesome microphone and camera!

Watch the interview below to learn more about Board Meetings and schedule your Board Meeting soon!

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Don’t forget to check out check out to learn more about Board Meetings! You can also like their facebook page. Thank you for watching:)

Here I am surfing in Maui

Thank you Brian & Jim!

Who is the Millionaire At 24?

Hi Everyone, Here is one of the interview videos from Awesomeness Fest. In the video below I’m interviewing Aaron Darko of Millionaire At 24. Aaron is a really, really nice guy and I’m so grateful I got to meet him at Awesomeness Fest. He is really funny and one of the days he even interviewed me. 🙂  It was really fun because normally I’m the one doing the interviews. When I got home, I read through his blog and it’s funny because we have so many friends in common. But I think one of my favorite posts on his blog was the one where schools kill creativity. I am so happy and blessed that I met Aaron and I know we are both on the same path of making the world a lot more cool for young people who want to create their own awesome realities. Enjoy the video:

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Thank you so much for watching! Isn’t Aaron just so nice. I love his laugh. Like I said before, I am happy we got to meet and I know I will be seeing him again soon.

And Aaron, Gary Vaynerchuk inspired me to CRUSH IT too!

In this picture, I am with Zanna when we met him in 2009 at a private event in the Tampa Bay area. He gave me his book and even signed it for me. He is funny and one of my favorite speakers because he doesn’t try to be all puffy and serious.

Okay my peeps, if you are interested in learning more about Aaron then please visit his awesome site Millionaire At 24 and make sure to leave me your comments and LIKE this too.

I think it’s important to share with other children to let them see that they can start right now to live their dreams. Just like Aaron said, it gives people permission and it ignites their passion to see you living your dreams. So go out there and do it (and like he says, ask your friends some stimulating questions 🙂  Thank you so much Aaron!



Zynnia and Peak Performance Strategist Joshua Wenner

Another interview from Zynnia, this time with Peak Performance Strategist for Tony Robbins, Joshua Wenner.

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To learn more about Joshua you can connect with him on facebook at: or by phone direct at (310) 662.1231

Zynnia Interviews Jairek Robbins

In this video, Zynnia Jezek interviews Jairek Robbins. As a coach Jairek works one-on-one with people from all walks of life ranging from Entrepreneurs, Business owners, agents in life insurance and Real estate, as well as students.

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You can learn more about Jairek at

Zynnia & Social Media Goodness

Zynnia explains why YouTube is her social media platform of choice.

Zynnia Interviews Gary King

Zynnia interviews Truth, Honesty & Character expert, Gary King about his new project called The HAPPINESS FORMULA.

Learn more about the Happiness Formula at:

Zynnia Interviews Topher Morrison

Zynnia interviews Topher Morrison after his event which she attended in August 2010.

Learn more about Topher Morrsion at:

Zynnia Interviews Wesley Goo

Zynnia interviews Wesley Goo at a recent event in Los Angeles.

Learn more about Wesley Goo at:

Zynnia Interviews Mike Solis of Think Feel Act Now

In this video Zynnia interviews Mike Solis and he shares information about his site Think, Feel, Act Now!

Zynnia Interviews The Coach With The Hat

Zynnia Jezek interviews her new friend Elliot Kay, also known as “The Coach With The Hat”. Listen to him explain how he got the name…

To learn more about Elliot, go to:

Zynnia Jezek Interview from Sisters To Success

Zynnia Jezek is at it again, only this time SHE is the one being interviewed by her sister Zanna Jezek – her partner in their blog: Listen to this 9 year old speak about why she likes internet and video marketing. Listen to her as she shares her take on being a child at Speakers events including Gary Vaynerchuk, Topher Morrison, Gary King and Tony Robbins! She also talks about giving back and paying it forward by doing it her own special way – by making videos, as she did for The Sentient Temple (which you can learn about at She discusses attending The Wealth Building Annex, and how she is making friends and mentors that help her to learn and grow. Finally she wraps it up with telling parents why they should consider taking their children to events!

Zynnia Jezek Interviews Dr. Topher Morrison

Zynnia Jezek of Sisters To Success interviews Dr. Topher Morrison.

Learn more about Dr. Topher Morrison and his programs at