Zynnia’s May 6th Garden Radish Explosion!

Well, I know that I did a garden update just a few days ago, but with this rain, my radishes and just exploding in their growth. And imagine, all of this began with just a couple of small seed bags. Growing food is amazing and this is a shout out to my friend Quinn whose gardens and facebook friendship inspired me to start my own garden and now I am feeding my whole family! You should start a garden too…

Zynnia Gardening Update & Blessings for Quinn Eaker

I was inspired to start a garden by my cool friend Quinn Eaker. I LOVE his videos from his travels and all of the cool things he shares, plus he reminds me a lot of my brother. Quinn was the one who inspired me too, to wear my hair this way… so thank you again Quinn!

So here it is! A fun and playful shout out Quinn and my little garden update. I hope it makes you smile. 😀

Zynnia’s Garden Update For Quinn

It has been four and a half weeks since the seedlings began to sprout and some are already showing fruit! Join Zynnia as she walks you through her garden on this beautiful April day!

YouTube Preview Image

Zynnia’s Message for Quinn: My Garden

Zynnia sends a message about her garden and new hairdo to her friend Quinn who inspired her…..