A Few of My Favorite Things

So a lot of people ask me what I do when I am not doing the internet marketing, video and crowdfunding stuff. I’m lucky that my mom and my sister are my best friends and that they like the same kind of stuff that I like.

At home I love to read, watch old movies from the 50’s and 60’s, sew, knit, listen to music and play my cello. I am writing a book now and also learning more about editing images and graphics. Zanna does so much of my powerpoints and website stuff and I want to learn more so I can do it myself. She cooks too, the best food anyone has every tasted and I love when she tries new dishes. My family has to have a cookbook from every country and culture and we like to eat foods from around the world. Trying new things is very cool.  You can see some of the things Zanna has cooked here.

When we go out I like to go to places that are out of the way and hidden from the mainstream. We travel a lot and when we do, we take the back roads and my mom stops where ever we think looks cool, fun and interesting. We learn so much when doing this and we meet some really interesting people. It’s almost like geography and history in one. We’re not afraid to go to different kinds of places and when we do, there is always a pleasant surprise waiting to be uncovered. Our unscheduled “let’s just drive” adventures are always the best. My mom says we must drive over 25,000 miles a year. (I think it’s more). Because of my moms work with experts, sometimes we get invited to their guesthouse to stay while my mom works with them. We see so many places this way.  I love that my mom is an adventurer and that we can just pick up and go in a moment’s notice and that she’s taught me to do that. It is because of this that we can have the adventures that we have.

When we go to shows like the theater, symphonies or concerts I learn so much too. My mom said we were going to see Shakespeare’s ‘Taming of the Shrew’. Zanna was excited, but I didn’t know what it was so my mom ordered me a book that I read in one day. Finally I understand Shakespeare and who he is. The same thing happened when we went to see ‘The Grapes of Wrath’. Zanna plays guitar and violin and because of that my mom got us tickets to see 2CELLOS. Oh my gosh, that changed my life! I told my mom I wanted to play something too and within a couple of week Charles (what I named my beautiful instrument) and I met. Hearing their music and connecting with them on Twitter has inspired me to write a children’s book that I am working on now. It also is making me learn about people like Mozart, Bach, Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Paganini and others.

I am grateful that I have parents who support my interests and bring these things into my life. The coolest thing is that my sister is my bestest friend because we like so much of the same stuff. Another thing I am super grateful for is that they totally supports my interests and hobbies. My mom does this for my sister Zanna and my brother Zachary too. She always has, and that is cool.

So those are a few of my favorite things, but my family is my favorite thing of all.


Lots of pictures are on my moms facebook… you can see them!

Zynnia Speaking at JVZooMarketing Mayhem

I was so excited when Bryan Zimmerman from JVZoo told me I would be speaking at this event. I got to see all of my internet marketing friends and learn about new ways to make money online. JVZoo always throws an awesome party and at this event, they had Coolio come out and give us a private concert. There were awesome speakers and everyone learned so much.

I spoke about my How To Do Crowdfunding program and I was allowed to film it, so you can see it too!

YouTube Preview Image

My best advice is to go to these event because you learn so much and meet people who can help you and want to work with you. Without events like this, the world would be a pretty boring place!

Thank you again to JVZoo’s Bryan Zimmerman and E. Brian Rose for giving me this awesome opportunity!

You can see all of the pictures here.

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*Special thanks also to my awesome mom, Kytka who always takes me to these places, and my awesome sister, Zanna who films, edits, blogs, creates, posts, and all of the other stuff that keeps me able just to shine. I love you both! 😉

The Coolest Marketing Event Ever

This was a LOT of fun. Obviously I want to thank Omar & Melinda Martin, John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson,for believing in me and asking me to come and speak at this awesome event. I had so much fun, especially at JVZoo’s 80’s party where my mom, my sister and I dressed up as the Robert Palmer girls. It was a lot of fun. We met lot’s of people and built friendships!

Here is a video of my speaking there. Special thanks to Tom Beal for giving me this quick on stage/off stage lesson!

YouTube Preview Image

By the way, I officially launched my “How To Do Crowdfunding” product at this event and made over $3500 over the weekend thanks to JVZoo for making a simple platform where I could get affiliates and pages set up FAST!

I had an amazing time and I got a standing ovation after my talk. THANK YOU AGAIN for those who came and for those who asked me to come and be a part of this awesome event!

You can see pictures of me at the event here.

You can see pictures of the 80’s party at the event here.

I love you guys!


Freedom, Passion, Purpose Interview

I am excited to be on the receiving side on an interview. Dmitry is my new friend that I met at Yanik Silver’s Underground 8 Online Marketing Seminar. He was one of the other young entrepreneurs who was there.

Here is the interview:

YouTube Preview Image

Dmitry is Inspiring and Educating Youth to create lives of Freedom, Passion, and Purpose through Entrepreneurship. Learn more about him at his website.

Thanks Dmitry, it was so cool to meet you and I hope we create something together to help youth everywhere! 🙂

Wrap Up of Underground 8

The seminar is closing but the spark has been created. From some of my notes, I wanted to share some of what I learned at Underground, I learned how to create apps, the importance of gamifying, different ways to incorporate social media into your blog and that you need email addresses and not fans, so your LIST is most important.

I learned that you never sell affiliates on the benefits but on the strength of the product itself. To make sure your give feedback to others and that it is so important to do research, especially on your competitors. Always to think about “what would google say”. Never to  listen to the small voice in your head that says “I cannot do it” because you can. You can never solve a “why to” problem with a “how to” solution.

I  learned that everything connects to SEO and how you name things for search engine optimization. A good lesson to stay on focus is to write down what you are doing every 15 minutes and you will see where you waste the most time. A team is always important, so build a superstar team. And finally, if you spend all of your time doing what everyone else is, you will never learn or create anything new.

Seeing all of my friends who were asking me about my newest adventures, I feel inspired to make more videos and blog posts. I realize that these kinds of events are like school for me and I really want to attend more events and I want to give back, so I am looking for a superstar team to help me reach even more children like me.

I got to see, listen to, learn from and meet some awesome people like Brendon BurchardMike FilsaimeRobert HirschMatt GallantShelby LarsonEwa WysockaChad MuretaDustin MaherNoah KaganGlen & Natalie LedwellBrian Horn, Noah St. JohnAJ Roberts, Greg Jerum and so many others.

I have to take this moment to share that the pictures you see are taken with my tablet. Zanna and my mom were not at this event, so no one was there to remind me to take pictures or to take them. Zanna rarely gets the credit, but she is the one behind everything I do. She records everything and is so awesome with the camera and the video. She and my mom really are the support team behind Zynnia TV and being at this event without them (and without the usual awesome pictures I can post and share) I really realize even more how important and special they are. THANK YOU ZANNA AND THANK YOU MAMA!

Thank goodness Joe got this nice picture of us.

Special Agent Zynnia

Wow! There are over 500 people here and so many of my friends from Awesomeness Fest! Vishen and several of the people from MindValley, Craig H and his boys, William Lee, Jim from Board Meetings, Sammy T, Juicy Geniuses, Landon Ray, Natalie and Glen LedwellAmish Shah, Jonathan Budd, Robert Hirsch,  and of course, Yanik Silver. It is so cool to re-connect with all of my friends and make new ones.

I picked up my secret agent swag bag and I am ready to learn!

I am so happy and grateful to be here and I know I will learn so much that will help me to be a better person.

Thank you Yanik!

Arrival at Underground Online Seminar 8

I cannot believe that I am in Washington D.C. I am so lucky because my family supports everything I do, so getting here became a family road trip. We rented a car with a roomy back seat and the drive included lots of Elvis CD’s to keep us driving. This is the first time I will be at the Capital and I am excited to spend time in such a city.

I usually attend events with my mother and sister, but this time I will attend this one alone with my brother Zack. I am so used to my mom and sister being there, it will be different. Zack is very excited. I hope people will see the value of his Immersion Mastery and that they will help him turn it into a product because lots of people are asking for that. He is one of the coolest people I know. 🙂  I am excited and I already love Crystal City where the event is taking place. It was really cool to drive through several states within a matter of minutes while we were exploring the D.C. area. And yes, the pentagon is huge. I read on wikipedia that it has over 17 miles of corridors! That is a lot of hallway space.

So grateful to my host Yanik Silver and for being able to be here!

I’ll keep you posted!

Going to Underground 8

I just got the news that I am attending Yanik Silver’s Underground 8 Online Seminar. For those of you who do not know what this is, here is a bit from their website:

“The Underground Online Seminar® provides high-level Internet marketing information from real-world, in-the-trenches speakers quietly making their fortunes online. Topics covered include selling content, e-commerce, SEO, email marketing, blogging, Social media, CPA networks, domaining, mobile marketing and much more.

Not only does the content and unique experience make Underground® different but the top-notch attendees and presenters including Tim Ferriss, Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com, Mike Faith, CEO of Headsets.com (a $30M company), Darren Rowse, ProBlogger.com, Matt Mickiewicz, 99designs.com, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ted Leonsis, AOL Internet pioneer, Jessica Jackley, co-founder of Kiva.org and Bob Parsons, CEO of GoDaddy.com among others. Each event attracts 400+ serious online entrepreneurs coming from all over the globe. They come because the Underground® has become the Can’t Miss event for learning, networking and deal-making.”

This is such an amazing honor and special event. I am very happy to have this special assignment.

Going to Yanik Silver's Underground 8 in Washington D.C.

I met Yanik Silver in Maui at Awesomeness Fest 2011 and I am sooooooooo excited to hear that I will be going to Washington DC to represent the youngest entrepreneurs. What an honor and a joy! 😀

Interview With Big Jason Henderson From Big Marketing Online

Hi everyone, At Awesomeness Fest I got to interview Jason Henderson (AKA. Big Jason) with Big Marketing Online. He likes bunnies and so do I. When I was making the slides for my Indiegogo campain I made one just with bunnies expecially for Big Jason! It was fun 🙂 He was a really nice, fun and cool guy and I’m so glad that I got to meet him. Enjoy the video and remember to LIKE and COMMENT 😀

YouTube Preview Image

If you want to know more about about Big Jason then make sure to check out bigmarketingonline.com. Thank you!

Interviewing Brian Scrone from Board Meetings

Here is a quick interview I did at Awesomeness Fest with Brian Scrone of Board Meetings. The day after Awesomeness Fest Brian and his partner Jim took out the Awesomeness Fest attendies and they spent the day teaching us all how to surf! It was my first time surfing and lots of other peoples too, but by the end of the day we were all surfing like pros! I thought that was really nice that they took us all out surfing! 🙂 It was lots of fun because when we first got into the water we were all kind of wobbly and we fell too, but Brian, Jim and their helpers were right there to guide us, show us all of the tricks and even hold our hand if we needed it. Once we got the hang of it, we were all doing awesome and everyone stood up! (I know it is because we had such awesome teachers). It was so much fun and an adventure I will never forget. Sorry about the wind – this was before I had my new awesome microphone and camera!

Watch the interview below to learn more about Board Meetings and schedule your Board Meeting soon!

YouTube Preview Image

Don’t forget to check out check out boardmeetings.com to learn more about Board Meetings! You can also like their facebook page. Thank you for watching:)

Here I am surfing in Maui

Thank you Brian & Jim!