Zynnia Shares If You Were My Bunny

Zynnia talks about the book If You Were My Bunny is still one of her favorites to this day…

The sweet, soothing sounds of a mother’s words come through loud and clear in this small book. A mother rabbit tells her little ones that she could pick them out from all the other babies, and she sings a bunny version of “Hush, Little Baby,” with lines like “if that carrot top should wilt, / Mama’s going to bring you a clover quilt.” Then a bear, a cat, a duck, a dog, and finally a human mother tell their children how much they love them. McMullan’s clever use of familiar songs (“Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Rock-a-bye Baby,” among others) adds to the charm of this child pleaser. So do McPhail’s pictures, which, though occasionally stiffly executed, are full of tenderness and love. A cuddlesome bedtime choice.

Zynnia Shares Her Mandalas

9 year old Zynnia shares some of the mandalas she has created and inspires you to do the same…

Zynnia Shares Her Magazine

Zynnia shares a magazine she created, she’s already completed volume 2 and now is working on volume 3!

Zynnia Loves The Yes Movie!

Zynnia Jezek gives a shout out to her friend, Founder of The Young Entrepreneurs Society, Louis Lautman.

Learn more about Louis Lautman, The Yes Movie and The Young Entrepreneurs Society at: http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?af=992662

Zynnia on Gary Vaynerchuk and CRUSH IT!

Listen to Zynnia Jezek this morning as she speaks about her experience with Gary and her thoughts on his book Crush It.

Book Review: You’re Just What I Need

Listen to Zynnia’s review of You’re Just What I Need. A beautiful story of hide and seek between a mother and her child.