Awesomeness Fest Interview with Vishen Lakhiani with Mindvalley

Hi Everyone, here is another Awesomeness Fest interview I did with Vishen Lakhiani with Mindvalley. Vishen is the founder of Mindvalley and also the creator and founder of Awesomeness Fest! Vishen spoke at Awesomeness Fest and he was really nice. At the super hero costume party Vishen went as super man and I was super girl. It just goes to show that great minds think alike:) I interviewed Vishen at the luau on the last day of Awesomeness Fest, so here is the video, Enjoy! 😀

YouTube Preview Image

To learn more about Vishen check out, and  and let him know that I am the perfect candidate to be the youngest blogger on his awesome team!




Awesomeness Fest Interview With Greg Jacobs

Hello Everyone, Today I wanted to share another interview I did at Awesomeness Fest with the very cool and fun Greg Jacobs. On one of the days at Awesomeness Fest Greg took my family and I out to lunch and we got to really talk and hang out. After lunch I asked if I could interview him. I really enjoyed interviewing Greg because he is really nice and lots of fun to talk to. He is a grown up, but so playful and like a child, I really like him. You can watch the video below to see the interview I did with Greg and be sure to share your feedback and comments. Enjoy!

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to learn more about Greg, he has some discourses at his site – visit Thank you for watching! 😀

Interview with Jeff at Awesomeness Fest

Hello Everyone, Today I thought I would stop by and share with you another Awesomeness Fest interview. During one of the breaks at Awesomeness Fest I did an interview with Jeff from Royster Productions who was one of the camera operators who was hired to film the event. Here is the interview video I did with Jeff. Enjoy!

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to learn more about about Jeff and Royster Productions please visit Thank you for watching 🙂

Awesome Interview With Mitch Sanders With Hostzilla

Hi Everyone, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting the past couple days. I thought that since it was getting cold I would post another interview to warm everyone up! Here is another interview I did at Awesomeness Fest with Mitch Sanders with HostZilla. On the last day at Awesomeness Fest I got to spend some time with Mitch and we Talked and ate some yummy malasadas together in the lobby of the Grand Wailea. I really enjoyed spending time with Mitch! He is a great guy. I hope you enjoy the interview!

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Be sure to check out to learn more about Mitch. Thank you! 😀

Ukulele Lesson At Awesomenessness Fest

At Awesomeness Fest I met a really great guy named Neil Warren. Neil played his ukulele on most of the breaks at Awesomeness Fest and I know his music made everyone really happy:) During one of the breaks Neil gave me a
quick ukulele lesson and I liked it so much that I bought my very own ukulele. I’m still learning but I can already play a couple of chords and songs. I just wanted to say thank you to Neil for playing such nice music at Awesomeness Fest and for inspiring me to get a ukulele of my own! Here is a video of Neil giving me the ukulele lesson at Awesomeness Fest. I hope you LIKE it and leave me your comments!

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And if you want to learn more about Neil, then check out his website at Hawaii Moves. Thanks for watching:)

Interview With Big Jason Henderson From Big Marketing Online

Hi everyone, At Awesomeness Fest I got to interview Jason Henderson (AKA. Big Jason) with Big Marketing Online. He likes bunnies and so do I. When I was making the slides for my Indiegogo campain I made one just with bunnies expecially for Big Jason! It was fun 🙂 He was a really nice, fun and cool guy and I’m so glad that I got to meet him. Enjoy the video and remember to LIKE and COMMENT 😀

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If you want to know more about about Big Jason then make sure to check out Thank you!

Interview With James Carter From Be Legendary

Here ia an interview I did with James Carter from Be Legendary. I met James at Awesomeness Fest but I didn’t get a chance to interview him there. So when we got back from Awesomeness Fest James invited my family and I to Orlando for an event he was having called Building A Dream. You can read this blog post I wrote about the Building A Dream event here. James and his whole family are so nice, I especially enjoyed meeting his daughter Bella! I hope you enjoy the interview and remember to LIKE and leave comments if you do. 🙂

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Again, you can learn more about James at and  Thank you for watching!

Interviewing Brian Scrone from Board Meetings

Here is a quick interview I did at Awesomeness Fest with Brian Scrone of Board Meetings. The day after Awesomeness Fest Brian and his partner Jim took out the Awesomeness Fest attendies and they spent the day teaching us all how to surf! It was my first time surfing and lots of other peoples too, but by the end of the day we were all surfing like pros! I thought that was really nice that they took us all out surfing! 🙂 It was lots of fun because when we first got into the water we were all kind of wobbly and we fell too, but Brian, Jim and their helpers were right there to guide us, show us all of the tricks and even hold our hand if we needed it. Once we got the hang of it, we were all doing awesome and everyone stood up! (I know it is because we had such awesome teachers). It was so much fun and an adventure I will never forget. Sorry about the wind – this was before I had my new awesome microphone and camera!

Watch the interview below to learn more about Board Meetings and schedule your Board Meeting soon!

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Don’t forget to check out check out to learn more about Board Meetings! You can also like their facebook page. Thank you for watching:)

Here I am surfing in Maui

Thank you Brian & Jim!

My New Ukulele And A Special Song For You

Hi everyone, I just wanted to announce that just a few days ago I got my first ukulele! I already know “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, “Hey Soul Sister” by Train, “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole. I made up my own song too, it’s called “If I Had” by me, Zynnia Jezek. I’m still learning the strumming patterns to some of the songs, but hey, practice makes perfect. 🙂

Two people inspired me to get my ukulele. The first one was my sister, Zanna. She plays guitar and at first I wanted to get a guitar too, but when I tried playing her guitar it was a little too big and my fingers couldn’t reach the strings. But she is such an awesome sister that she just kept on encouraging me. (thanks Zanna) The second person who inspired me to get a ukulele is Neil Warren. I met him at Awesomeness Fest where he taught me to play the ukulele. He played his ukulele on most of the breaks at Awesomeness Fest and his music was great!

The biggest reason I like playing ukulele is because it’s just my size 🙂 So I just wanted to make this video to thank Neil for inspiring me and to share a quick song with you guys!

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks for watching and if you like, then remember to click LIKE (I love your comments too!) Aloha!

Who is the Millionaire At 24?

Hi Everyone, Here is one of the interview videos from Awesomeness Fest. In the video below I’m interviewing Aaron Darko of Millionaire At 24. Aaron is a really, really nice guy and I’m so grateful I got to meet him at Awesomeness Fest. He is really funny and one of the days he even interviewed me. 🙂  It was really fun because normally I’m the one doing the interviews. When I got home, I read through his blog and it’s funny because we have so many friends in common. But I think one of my favorite posts on his blog was the one where schools kill creativity. I am so happy and blessed that I met Aaron and I know we are both on the same path of making the world a lot more cool for young people who want to create their own awesome realities. Enjoy the video:

YouTube Preview Image

Thank you so much for watching! Isn’t Aaron just so nice. I love his laugh. Like I said before, I am happy we got to meet and I know I will be seeing him again soon.

And Aaron, Gary Vaynerchuk inspired me to CRUSH IT too!

In this picture, I am with Zanna when we met him in 2009 at a private event in the Tampa Bay area. He gave me his book and even signed it for me. He is funny and one of my favorite speakers because he doesn’t try to be all puffy and serious.

Okay my peeps, if you are interested in learning more about Aaron then please visit his awesome site Millionaire At 24 and make sure to leave me your comments and LIKE this too.

I think it’s important to share with other children to let them see that they can start right now to live their dreams. Just like Aaron said, it gives people permission and it ignites their passion to see you living your dreams. So go out there and do it (and like he says, ask your friends some stimulating questions 🙂  Thank you so much Aaron!



Dreams Come True

I made it. I am living proof that dreams do come true if you take the steps you need to make it that way. One month ago, I had an idea to take my family to an event in Maui called Awesomeness Fest. I created a crowd funding campaign on IndieGoGo and with some help from my sister and my mom, our very short 4 day campaign got featured on their main page! But better than that, the campaign rocked and it made enough to get me there. Of course, there were amazing Sponsors who made that possible as well as Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of MindValley, FinerMinds and Awesomeness Fest and his cool team.

Before we knew it, and all in one weeks time, we raised over $7,000 and were on an airplane to Hawaii. Awesomeness Fest was just like the name says, AWESOME, and I got to meet and interview some amazing people. It was one of the coolest weeks of my life and now I am a part of the Awesomeness Tribe, which is really cool when you meet the other people in the tribe.

Not only did I get to hang out with and play with these amazing people. But one day, when we were sitting in the room listening to the presenters, suddenly the emcee and Publishing Director at MindValley, Kaileen Sherk, starts to show my Awesomeness campaign video to everyone on two giant screens and everyone begins to applause. WOW!!!!!  Then, she called me up on the stage to talk about how awesome what I did was. I got to answer some questions about how me and my family made it happen and that was really very cool!  Some people would be afraid, but I wasn’t because I love speaking in front of people. My first time speaking was at an event called “The Super Women Summit” and I spoke to over 100 people about making videos! I am sure that next year at the Awesomeness Fest, I will be speaking to a group of kids about how they can use crowd funding to launch their dreams!  It’s really cool thinking about that now because there was a super hero costume party at the Awesomeness Fest and I was supergirl and my mom says that the super theme just keeps coming around because I am super. I like that. 🙂

And cool things keep happening. Project Manager at MindValley, Simona Goldin-Borzouyeh added MindValley to my workplaces on facebook and while I was there I met someone very smart and special who is now my partner in starting my own company, a really cool company that will help other awesome kids be able to do the wonderful things they do and have support for that.  And since I got back home, I spoke at the Tedx talks about crowd funding and crowd sourcing campaigns. My sister, mom and I are still editing all of the videos from the Awesomeness Fest for our sponsors and we are creating a really cool book about it. And the phone keeps ringing and more awesome things keep happening.

Dreams do come true if you dream big and then come up with ways to make it happen. It’s sad that some people are afraid to dream, or they think to themselves “this is too big, it will never happen”. That is why I am so grateful that my mom and my brother and sister support me and believe in me and that they let me try all of the things I like. My mom says it’s a lot like going clothes shopping, you have to try on a few pairs of jeans before you find the ones that really fit!  If I did not have their support, I never would have been able to start the campaign and we never would have gone to Hawaii. That means I never would have met my partner and I would not be the CEO and Founder of a cool new company!

So DREAM BIG and GO AFTER THOSE DREAMS, especially when people think it cannot be done. Show them it can! I know you can do it. Look at me, I am only 11 years old and I do and look how far I have come, and I am just getting started!


Drew Talks About FitLife TV

From the life-enriching value of a healthy diet to the importance of finding spiritual balance, is so much more than what its name might imply and in this special video, I sat down with Drew Canole and he shares his excitement at being at Awesomeness Fest in Maui and why he helps others get a fit life! Make sure to connect with Drew at his facebook page and I hope you like the interview (hint, “LIKE” button below 🙂

YouTube Preview Image

Note: Hey Drew – where are our think, feel, become bracelets? Gotta get that swag 😉

The Meaning of Aloha

This was one of my most favorite and meaningful moments at Awesomeness Fest. Kainoa came and blessed the event. I was so happy he was around every day after that to share all of the history, plants, animals, folklore and love that he knows and lives every day, not only with me and my family, but with everyone. He explains it so well in the video, but below is something I found online that I also wanted to share.

Within Aloha, exists an explanation of our place in the world and a code of ethics to help us with our interactions in the world. The only thing we are missing is our “prime directive” while we are here, and that too can be found within the root words that make up Aloha.

alo, 1. sharing 2. in the present
oha, joyous affection, joy
ha, life energy, life, breath

Using Hawaiian language grammatical rules, this will translate literally as “The joyful sharing of life energy in the present” or simply “Joyfully sharing life”.

Mahalo Kainoa, Aloha nui loa.
A hui hou kakou.

Zynnia at Tedx

How cool is this? On Monday night, our local Tedx was having a talk on crowd sourcing and I went with my family. Some people began sharing their stories and we watched a couple of videos. My mom raised her hand and we went up and shared my story of how I started my campaign and raised the money to get to Awesomeness Fest in 4 days! I shared some of what I learned there and the awesome people I connected with. The people liked my story, but what they liked even more was when I told them that a little girl with big ideas just keeps on going! I shared a little on how we are building a platform for other children to launch their awesome ideas and plans too and the people got very excited. My mom connected with a man who was the Director of a large group in our state who serves over 4,000 youth every year! He wanted us to contact him and wants to get some of his amazing kids into our program. My partner helping me develop this is on the other side of the world, but we are working together to build something totally new and cool and awesome and amazing.  Make sure to sign up here (to the right, see it with the cool surfboard AND you get an awesome gift too!) so you keep getting updates because I am planning on rocking this world and I want you to be a part of it too! Have a awesome day!

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and I was so thankful this year, that I made a special video with my sister Zanna. I hope you enjoy it and it reminds you of the cool things you are thankful for in your life!

Happy Thanksgiving and if you like raw foods, my mom has some very special *free recipes for you here.

Awesomeness Quick Share

Today I wanted to share a couple of the awesome things I learned at Awesomeness Fest.  One of my favorite presentations was Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks. They did a wonderful part about breaking your pattern when you start blaming someone for something and instead of pointing your finger at them as if you were blaming them that you should turn your finger back to yourself and think “What can I learn from this”.  If you think about it sometimes we blame other people for something that was not really their fault because we are upset or angry in the moment. I think that this is a great exercise so that you can stop, calm down and just think for a minute about what you could learn from the experience.

Another one of my favorite speakers was Lisa Nichols. She did a piece at the end of the event where she talked about how sometimes we get held back by something we never got told or didn’t get told enough.  So she asked the crowd to stand up and move all the chairs to either side of the room and split into two groups, group A and group B. So after we moved the chairs and split into different groups she asked everyone in group A to close their eyes. I was in group B so I kept my eyes open. Then she told everybody in group B to walk around the room and whisper in group A’s ears things we needed to hear. Things like You’re good enough, You can do it, I love you, You’re amazing, You’re perfect just the way you are and lots of other things too! And the whole time group A had to keep their eyes closed. After the time was up group B closed their eyes and group A whispered in group B’s ears all the things that they needed to hear. It was a wonderful experience and by the time it was over there was the most amazing, loving energy in the room.

I’ll be keeping you updated on the interviews!  Thank you for reading and make sure to leave your comments below. 🙂

Awesomeness Questionnaire

I did not get to interview as many people as I wanted at the Awesomeness Fest. Additionally, some of the interviews I did get have very poor audio, because I did not get enough funding in my goal to get a microphone, so we had a family meeting and decided that it may be better as a book. My mom has a friend looking at the sound in the interviews but I still think this will be a cool book to help and inspire other kids like me, little kids with big ideas.

This is your chance to share your wisdom and I know you want to help me to do that. So can you please take some time and answer these questions for me and email them to me at [email protected]. This way my mom, my sister and I will be able to create something very cool to help other kids grow up and be as awesome as you and me!

Keep in mind when answering these questions, that this will be geared towards kids. (My sister says just cut and paste below into an email and then answer the questions and send it). If you want to be extra cool, you can send me an awesome picture of you that I can use too!

  • Your name:
  • What do you do?
  • Why do you do it?
  • What is your mission?
  • Do you have a product?
  • What makes it awesome?
  • How does it help the world?
  • What is the 3 most important things kids should know?
  • What are 3 things all awesome kids need to do?
  • Why are (were) you at the Awesomeness Fest?
  • What is the best thing you took away from Awesomeness Fest?
  • What are your goals for the next year?
  • What is the MOST IMPORTANT advice you have for kids?
  • Where can we learn more about you and what you do?

Thank you so much for helping me out and I will keep you posted on how it’s coming along!

Defining Awesomeness

What makes something awesome?

Is it the people, the place, the energy or the timing?  Zanna (my sister) says it’s the activities and the ambiance. I started to think about what it was that made Awesomeness Fest so awesome, and I came up with the words that we put on this picture. I think that it is explained best by having adventures, being with loved ones and making new friends. I know that going to Awesomeness Fest really changed people’s lives. I think that the name “Awesomeness fest” had a lot to do with that and so did all of the speakers and the awesome things they talked about. Things like having better relationships, organizing your ideas to write a book, having and being in flow, meditation, fitness and health, the importance of fun and connection, giving back, contribution and how to make the world a better place. I liked learning about the Achuar people and Pacha Mama Alliance and it was cool to attend a symposium! It was also cool to hear my new friend November’s mom talk about Shine On Sierra Leone. The energy of everyone in the room was so amazing and the people were all filled with joy. That is what I think awesomeness is all about.

Manifest and Create Reality

People are awesome. The Universe is awesome. Everything is awesome. I was just looking at the cool collages my mom and sister created for the Awesomeness Fest campaign and I found this one that we all put together. This was a part of the countdown series and we had 26 hours left to raise the money with the campaign. This was before we knew that Awesomeness Fest had a costume party with a Super Hero theme. This was before we even knew if we would make enough to go!

Awesomeness Fest Crowd Funding Campaign Still

The next picture is taken at the Grand Wailea hotel on the evening of the Super Hero party a week later. And then one at the party which was at Gannon’s Restaurant. Yup, as I said… the universe is an awesome place!

Super Awesomeness at The Grand Wailea


Thanks Moriah Diamond of

Changing the World with Your Help!

It was really very busy at Awesomeness Fest. My mom and sister are editing some of the interview videos and I see that I missed interviewing a whole bunch of you. But that is okay, because we can do it on skype, in email or match it to our traveling. I would love to interview each and every one of you, so please email my mom to set that up.

The interviews will go into a book to inspire kids (and their parents) and change the world. Watch this short video and see my grand plan, and as you watch the cool turtle and slides, my friend Art Solis sings a song for you just about me and changing the world.

Remember to share and leave comments too! I love reading your comments!

Zynnia’s Thank You

Thank you to everyone for the awesome experience and such a fun time. I cried on the way home, and the last day, I just could not find my smile because I knew it would be over. I feel so much gratitude for the MindValley team, all of the attendees, the speakers, and the awesome entertainment and great photographers for capturing all of the great moments.

You guys really made it fun for everyone who was there and I feel myself wishing it would never end. I can’t wait to see you all again, which I know I will, very soon.

Thank you so very much to everyone who was there and I will see you at the next Awesomeness Fest in Bali!

Mahalo and Aloha

Awesomeness Song Memories

My friend Ben Bishop from made this cool song for me after seeing some pictures from my trip to Maui and the Awesomeness Fest. Isn’t that totally cool!

So enjoy the song and the pictures taken by my sister Zanna and Moriah Diamond of Om Photography.

I miss Maui so much already!

A Week of Awesomeness

I am back at home and I feel as though I have really took a lot out of the event. I enjoyed all of the speakers, especially Vishen. My favorite part of his speech was when he talked about Flow and when he taught us how to meditate.

There were 6 steps to that:
1) Grounding
2) Gratitude
3) Forgiveness
4) What experiences of things do you want to have or do in your life
5) Day Dreaming
6) Giving thanks as though they have already happened.

I felt that Lisa Nichols was a very inspiring woman and I got to meet her grandmother. She had awesome energy in the room and I loved how she had everyone saying Yes YES. At the end, she closed Awesomeness fest with a whispering exercise. We all stood up. Half of the people in the room closed their eyes and the other half moved from person to person whispering things that many of us long to hear our whole lives. Things like “I love you”, “You are beautiful”, “The path you go on is always the right way”, “You make me smile”, “I am proud of you”, ” You will always be loved”, “No need to feel bad”, “You are so intelligent”, “You make everyone around you feel amazing”, “You can do it”, “I am sorry”, “It’s alright not to fit in”, “You don’t have to be perfect”, “I forgive you”.

Everyone there had amazing energy. So many people that I saw, were all so happy, and so was I. It was a great experience because I was able to connect with a lot of people and to interview a lot of inspiring mentors. I am so grateful for the opportunity, experience and the sponsors who made it possible. I know that it created a big change in my whole family’s life because we finally were in the company of people who understand bigger things – people who are building a better world and who don;t settle but keep going for bigger and brighter dreams.

I am still in awe and I just wanted to share a big thank you. Thank you to the speakers, all of my sponsors, the MindValley team, the nice people at the Grand Wailea, Old Lahaina Luau, Brian & Jim at Board Meeting International, The Captain and crew at Sail Trilogy, the Hard Rock cafe, Kainoa Horcajo, Sammy T, Neil Warren, my family and all of the new friends we made there.

Last but not least, Magical Moriah Diamond at Om Photography for being a wonderful record keeper with all of her beautiful pictures.

I am so thankful.

PS. Now I have a big job writing all of my notes and working with my mom and sister to edit all of the videos and pictures. More coming real soon.

Zynnia’s Message to Taylor Conroy

This is a dream come true.

And all of it because my mom shared a video with me. A very special video with a very special man.

Thank you Taylor.

PS. Now that I’ve raised so much money to get myself to the Awesomeness Fest, how do I get on board to raise money to build one of them schools?

Zynnia Is Officially Supergirl!

What I really liked about the grown ups at Awesomeness Fest is that they acted like really big kids. Which is awesome because most grown-ups act tired and old. There was a themed party for “Super Heroes” and everyone had to dress up like, you guessed it, a Super Hero.

Special buses came and drove us to a really cool place called Gannon’s. I was (can you guess?) Super Girl. Zanna was my Super Sister, Zack was my Super Brother and my mom was Super Mom. It was so fun. There was live music, dancers, and really good snacks. I watched the grown ups break dance and Drew Canole did a lot of flips! There was a lady with a hula hoop and one who danced with this awesome glow stick.

It was funny to see everyone dressed up like Super Heroes, especially after listening to them speak on all of the cool things they are experts in. Drew was a Native American with a big head dress. There was even an Elvis, which I always knew was a Super Hero!

Amish Shah was so funny with his blond wig. It was funny to see so many of the men wear costume with big stuffed muscles. Of course Lisa Nichols was Wonder Woman. Everyone was dancing, taking pictures and having so much fun. My new friend Mitch Sanders was the Joker, and I liked his wig. Speaking of silly wigs, Yanik Silver went as the Greatest American Hero and wore the funniest blond wig. Now that I think about it, a lot of the really cool people wire silly wigs. My other friend Greg Campisi was World Peace man. I liked my friend William Oliver who went in a wet suit with a snorkel and flipper. I don’t know what he was, but I think he was save the ocean life hero. People had cool ideas. All of the MindValley girls are so pretty. They looked Super in all of their costumes. Anything can be made into superness, just like with people. I knew Vishen would have an “S” on his shirt, just like me. There is something very cool about just being SUPER AWESOME! Maybe the bestest costume was Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks who went as two halves of one heart. They have to be the super coolest grandparents I’ve ever met. Mr. Hendricks wears these awesome rainbow sandals and I told him he is always walking on rainbows and he said Yes. 🙂

You can share some of my memories because Moriah took a lot of pictures of our SuperHero party, you can see them if you visit Om Photography.

Arrival At Grand Wailea, Maui

Here I am and I made it. So many people have written me emails that they are so proud of me but all I did was just go after my dream. This is how I live with my family every day. My mom says that life is meant to be an adventure, and we have adventures all of the time. This is the first time I was responsible for the adventure, and it feels so good. I love Hawaii already!

Zynnia’s Postcards from Maui

I promised my Sponsors a postcard from Hawaii and so it was fun to go to the local shoppes and pick out postcards. Do you know I had over 25 sponsors. That is very exciting. They came from all over the world and it made me cry happy tears to think about that. I have friends all over the world now. 🙂

I have listed some information about them and I hope that you will see who they are at this page.

Writing postcards is fun. My sister Zanna helped me. I hope some of the new friends will write back!
Aloha for now.

You can mail me at my US mailbox at:
6822 22nd Avenue N. suite 345
Saint Petersburg, FL 33710-3918


Travel Message to My Sponsors

Hello my Sponsors!

We have arrived. I can’t believe it. It is so exciting. I feel like an ambassador of awesomeness and I have a lot of work to do now. We did not raise the full amount of funds, which would have gone to buy an external microphone and some other video things my sister needs, and we are not sure where we will stay and sleep. But we packed a bunch of granola bars and even something we never eat – ramen noodles –  so at least that part is covered.

My mom said I need to share this part because sometimes people wait until everything is perfect to take action. But sometimes you have to take the steps and the action happens as you move. So we are here. One step at a time and one day at a time, I am so excited and so happy.

Thank you all so so so so much!

I Did It – Over $7000 in Less Than 4 Days

In less than four days, I got 20+ sponsors and we are on our way. We did not meet the full goal, but my mom said that we will go on a wing and a prayer! That means she found the bestest deal on Priceline for tickets including a car and we may have to sleep in the car! LOL

But that is how these things go. You set the intention, you go after it and most of all, you trust that the Universe will make sure everything is okay. The amazing thing is that my campaign got over $7,000 in less than 4 days. That means I have a lot of work to do – but it also means that I am on my way!

Here is the video of me on my way!

Zynnia’s Campaign Goes Viral!

How very cool is this! featured me and my campaign on their blog.

This is so exciting!

I just know I am going to Awesomeness Fest!


Then, I also made it to Big Marketing Online’s Site. Do you know that he is the #1 email guy in the world.

He is going to Awesomeness Fest and I just know I will meet him. He is even taller than Tony Robbins and he loves bunny rabbits. So yeah, he is a cool guy.  Here is how I appeared on his site.



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