Building A Dream

I met James at the Awesomeness Fest in Maui which took place about a month ago. James leads an organization called Be Legendary which is basically a movement that inspires people to rediscover their legendary person inside and act consistently in thousands of small ways to make a big difference! Be Legendary is a movement filled with legendary people (like you!) making an effort to positively change the world! James and I talked for quite a while during one of the Luau dinners at the Grand Wailea and I am sure glad we did! Because after we got back home we found out that James was going to be coming to Orlando, Florida to do an event called Building A Dream.

He invited my family and I to come and see what he and Be Legendary was all about. At this event, his client was DeVry’s team of leaders. We said “yes” and that we would not only love to come, but we would love to help and be a part of it too! That Friday we drove out to Orlando, to the wonderful Gaylord Palms Resort to meet up with James and the rest of his amazing crew. Friday evening we had a group meeting where I got to meet everyone in the crew and James explained what we would be doing at the Building A Dream event. At the event the adults had to split up into teams and each team got to build a bicycle, but what they didn’t know was that at the end of the day they would be giving the bicycles to children who had been waiting in another room, writing thank you cards for the adults. All of this was top secret of course, because it was part of the learning for the adults.

After our meeting we moved the bike boxes (the adults would be building the bikes as a team), into the main room and we set them up on tables with a bag of tools and some instructions on how to build the bike. Then we covered them up and around 1 am we went to sleep. I was so excited from the big surprise I could hardly sleep!

The next morning was the event and I was up bright and early, all ready to go! This was the first time I would be an official staff member. I was also going to be a mic runner. Which is cool because I love talking to people! I loved walking through the hotel and the convention center in my Be legendary t-shirt I had received the day before. I got the job of mic running so when James was speaking I got to run microphones over the audience members who wanted to share their feelings and feedback. It was really fun!

After James spoke for a little while and interacted with the audience he asked everyone to get into teams and go to the table with their team number on it (each table with a bike had a team number and the tables were covered with blankets because the adults didn’t know they would be making bikes) So each team went over to their table and pulled of the blanket and started building their bike. It was funny to see the people working together. Some were fast and some were slow so the fast people helped the slow ones along. Everyone was smiling and having a lot of fun.

After they finished building their bikes James did a countdown before letting the children who would be receiving the bikes, into the room. Since the adults didn’t know the bikes would be given to children they were quite surprised and the children’s (and adults) faces were filled with joy as they entered the room. Each child had a number that matched the number of one of the teams who had made a bicycle. So each child went over to their team, where the adults readjusted the seat for the child and helped them with their brand new bicycle. And to make it even better all the kids also got a backpack, a helmet, and a lock to go along with their new bike.

Many of the adults cried with joy because they saw the happiness on the child’s faces. They all hugged and it was just like James said, a Love Fest (which is just as cool as an Awesomeness Fest!) At one point, all of the children got called up on stage while the adults formed a human tunnel that went down the center, around the sides and all over the wall of the giant ballroom. One by one, the children got to run through this cool tunnel of love! It was amazing seeing all the adults smiling at the children as they ran past them and give out high fives and shared smiles. After that, the children stuck their name to their bicycle seat and it was time to go back to the buses to get back to school, so they all collected their backpacks and left. Their bikes would be delivered to the school. All of the children hugged and thanked the adults one last time and there was not a dry eye in the whole ballroom!

All of the adults went back to sit down and James got back on stage and asked the audience to share their feedback. I got to run around with the mic again and this time it was really special because everyone was really feeling the love of giving. Many of them had wonderful stories to tell about their first bicycle and how happy it made them and they were all really happy that they could give these children the gift of a bicycle and the happiness that comes with it.

The event closed with that event and the people of DeVry were all so grateful for the experience. We lined up at the exit doors and over 600 people stopped to thank us on their way out. They were all giggling and smiling on their way out. They were all so happy and looked so alive. I could feel their love and it was so awesome. After everyone was out of the event room we moved all the bikes down to a U-Haul where the bikes were loaded up and taken over to the school where they were checked by mechanics and sent home with the children. That was funny because we had to move them a long ways so we made a huge line like a factory and we worked as a team to get them all moved quickly and safely. There are some awesome pictures in a special album I made on my Facebook Page, so be sure to check it out.

James told me that the reason the event is called Building A Dream is because when you are a child having your own bike is a dream. So I got to spend the weekend witnessing adults making over one hundred children’s dreams come true and I was a big part of it! It was an amazing experience for me and my entire family and I am definitely looking forward to being a Be Legendary staff member again! If you want to Be Legendary, I invite you to take THE PLEDGE.  Thank you to James Carter for inviting us to be a part of Building A Dream and thank you again to all the rest of the crew. Spcial thanks too to Chris Barba who is so cool and has an amazing blog of his own. I hope he can go to Awesomeness Fest next year because I know he is Awesome. James’ idea is a very good idea and you can learn how it started by reading about it here.  I am so grateful and blessed for all of the cool stuff we get to do. I hope you LIKE (hint hint on the button below) this post and LEAVE ME A COMMENT 😀



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