About Zynnia

Zynnia Jezek was born at home, caught in the hands of her brother and sister on August 5, 2000. She was raised in the natural parenting style on a diet of primarily raw and vegan foods. She spent the first half of her life traveling and living in third world countries and the second half attending personal development and marketing events all over the USA. Zynnia is proudly unschooled and has always been free to be. Loving the spotlight – Zynnia has been speaking on stages since the age of 9. Her passion is video marketing and she has made hundreds of videos interviewing all sorts of thought leaders, authors and speakers.

Zynnia is an avid reader, loves to garden, knit, un-cook and produce videos. In her free time she enjoys her dvds of ”I Love Lucy” and listening to Elvis, the Sinatra station on Sirius and Reggae music. She loves to travel and have new adventures with her family. Recently, she and her sister started a crowd funding campaign and broke records raising $7000 in less than 4 days to fund her entire family attending an event called Awesomeness Fest in Maui, Hawaii. This inspired her to start her own company, LaunchBox, which caters to awesome children doing awesome things in the world as well as teaching others to create awesome crowdfunding campaigns. Zynnia inspires people worldwide to go after their dreams, just like she does – and reminds you to have fun!

She loves the stage and is comfortable in any type of performance atmosphere. She enjoys modeling (print or runway), television commercial work, music videos, presentations at speaking events and she loves interviews – as both the interviewer or interviewee.  “Life is meant to be lived fully each and every day” and she inspires people worldwide to go after their dreams as she does.

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